NextPath Legal:
Succession & Contingency Planning

Exclusively for Association of Legal Administrators Member Firms and Attorneys
NPL's focus is centered on the protection and preservation of firm assets and clients
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NextPath Legal: Succession & Contingency Planning
Created with ALA member firms for ALA member firms, NextPath Legal was founded by two ALA VIPSM Business Partners, GLJ Benefit Consultants and Affinity Consulting, to help meet the Succession & Contingency Planning needs of ALA member firms and attorneys.

One thing about life is certain: unexpected bumps in the road happen. You don't have to be caught unawares; prepare for the road ahead. NextPath Legal can help.
Succession Planning: Building A Solid Plan
NextPath Legal provides a proven 360-degree, all-inclusive, written Succession Plan. Through hands-on collaboration with each firm, we tailor a Succession Plan to meet the needs of the seven most important constituents of a solid firm plan:
  1. Substantive Expertise
  2. Firm Financial Protection
  3. Individual Financial Planning
  4. Community Involvement
  5. Firm Leadership
  6. Referral Partners
  7. Client Management
Did you know that by 2020, more than 50% of the legal workforce will be age 55 and older?
Contingency Planning: Customized to Your Needs
All plans include a full review of essential risk management elements to manage the planned, the unplanned, and the "what ifs". From this review we develop a customized Contingency Plan that includes:
  • Personalized individual attorney plans for short, medium, and long-term contingencies
  • Full current "in place" insurance review
  • Full recommendations for asset protection and insurance needs that match the customized Succession Plan
Succession & Contingency Planning is an Investment
Succession Planning helps with:

  • Client Retention
  • Associates and Junior Partner Retention
  • Partner Exit Pathway Plan
  • Firm Asset Retention
  • Establishment of a Culture of Success​​
Contingency Planning helps with:

  • Client Retention
  • Firm Survival
  • Fulfillment of a written plan (required in some jurisdictions)
  • Firm Asset Retention
  • "What ifs" Solved = No Guess Work
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