Cyber Risk Management

PREVENT compliance issues by investing in a compliance management system.
PROTECT your employees and your business by investing in an identity theft protection program.
PRESERVE your assets by investing in a quality cyber liability insurance policy.
BreachPro: Cyber Risk Management
InfoSafe®: Compliance Management and Auditing System
InfoSafe makes it simple and affordable for businesses of all sizes to protect against a data breach, and to meet the complex compliance requirements of federal, state, and industry regulations for safeguarding customer information. The InfoSafe program:
  • Helps maintain compliance with multiple laws and regulations
  • Complements existing efforts and fills critical gaps
  • Reduces data breach risk and financial exposure
  • Increases customer trust and boosts public image
Take the 8 question Information Security Compliance Quiz to get a quick view of the roughly 80 compliance requirements and best practices your firm should be following.
iDefend®: Identity Theft Protection
According to Javelin Strategy & Research's 2018 Identity Fraud Study, the total number of identity fraud victims increased by 8% in 2017, rising to 16.7 million U.S. consumers. In today's world, it's not so much about if you, your business, or someone you know will become a victim of identity theft, but when.  iDefend® can help.

iDefend® provides you with the key areas of protection you need to help defend yourself, your family, your business, and your employees against today's identity thieves and cyber-criminals. In short, it's WHOLE identity protection to help protect against all types of identity theft and fraud that put your privacy, your money, and your future at risk.

  • iDefend® Business is the industry leading business identity theft protection program, providing you with the critical tools and resources you need to protect your business ─ and you as the owner ─ in a simple, affordable plan. 

  • iDefend® Employee provides your employees with identity theft monitoring, credit monitoring, privacy protection resources, lost wallet protection, full ID theft recovery service, and $1 million service guarantee. The threats facing your employees have changed. Has your benefits package?

Contact BreachPro to Learn More Cyber Liability Insurance
With an average cost of $201 per compromised record, a breach can be potentially devastating to your organization.1  While traditional insurance policies have significant gaps in coverage for digital exposures, a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy helps to fill in those gaps by providing liability coverage to an organization specific to cyber and privacy breaches.

As an ALA member, you can quote and bind a cyber liability insurance policy online at Coverage highlights for ALA members include:
  • PRICING: Special pricing available for ALA members. Check out the pricing structure.
  • COVERAGE: Broad coverage language for Regulatory Claims, Business Interruption & Digital Asset Restoration, Cyber Extortion, Multimedia Liability & Privacy Breach ─ all coverages offered at full policy limits.
  • HOTLINE: Access to 24-hour data breach hotline to report incidents with Baker Hostetler, one of the leading Cyber Breach firms in the country.
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1. Ponemon Institute Study, 2015